Introduction to Economic Theory

Duration Time 13 weeks
Certificate yes
Lessons 0
Course features
Compulsory Course
Credits : 5
RE&D Department
Lecture Hours : 5
Lab Hours : 0
Autumn Semester
Αssociate Professor
His areas of interest include the political economy of agriculture, rural development, the design and implementation of rural development policies, as well as transition to sustainability.
Course Content

The course is the first/introductory course of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development in economic theory. The course aims to familiarize students with the basic concepts of economic theory, through a “pluralistic” approach. This means that in all the thematic units of the course are exposed both the prevailing economic theory (the Neoclassical Theory) and alternative theoretical approaches.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of economics and the operation of the economic system, while acquiring a critical ability.
  • Get in touch with different approaches, methods, techniques and tools of economic theory, so that later they can delve into more specialized courses.
  • Create a suitable “knowledge base” for many of the next courses of the Department, as this course is the basic requirement of many others.

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