Laboratory of Rural Policy and Cooperatives

Lab Director: Efstathios Klonaris - Professor

The purpose of the Laboratory of Rural Policy and Cooperatives is to offer teaching, research, etc. scientific services in matters of agricultural policy, financing of agriculture and cooperative economy.

The Laboratory specializes in the following areas:

  • Agricultural Policy, with indicative thematic units: Market organization policy, Structural policy, Land policy, Financial policy, Human resources and employment, promotion policy, Sustainable and integrated local and regional development policy, Rural policy, Accompanying measures agricultural policy (etc.), Agri-food quality policy, International and European economic relations policy, Impact assessment of policy measures.
  • Collective Economy and Cooperatives with indicative thematic sections: Cooperative ideology and legislation, Cooperative management (organizational and financial), Cooperative banks, Cooperative marketing, Quality policy and cooperatives, Social economy (third sector), Social management Organizational and non-cooperative.

The mission of the lab is to meet the teaching and research needs of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development as well as the other Departments of the Agricultural University of Athens at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Cooperation of any kind with research centers and academic institutions in Greece and abroad, provided that the scientific objectives coincide, go hand in hand and complement each other with those of the laboratory. The organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and other scientific events and the realization of publications and publications. The provision of services in accordance with the law.

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