Department Administration

President: Professor Efstathios Klonaris

The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development belongs to the School of Applied Economics and Social Sciences of the Agricultural University of Athens.

The highest governing body of the Department is the Assembly, which is attended by the members of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Department, as well as representatives of the members of the academic community of the Department, including students.

President: Professor Rezitis Antony
Phone: +30 210 529 4735

Associate President: Associate Professor Karanikolas Pavlos
Phone: +30 210 529 4785

Head of Department Secretariat: Adriani Psathopoulou – Administrative Staff
Phone: +30 210 529 4742

Student Affairs Officer: Sotirios Ntalagiorgos – Administrative Staff
Phone: +30 210 529 4710

Bookmaker: Evrydiki Spyropoulou – Special Technical Laboratory Staff
Phone: +30 210 529 4956