Postgraduate Studies

MBA in Agribusiness Management

The increasing need for highly trained business executives has triggered the development of undergraduate and postgraduate educational programmes around the world, focusing on agro-food business management. The Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development of the Agricultural University of Athens, in collaboration with the Department of Food Science and Technology, has developed and is offering a high quality postgraduate educational programme in Agribusiness Management, the first of its kind in South East Europe. Part of the teaching staff of the Programme belongs to the collaborating Departments, but a good number comes from the Athens University of Economics & Business, Imperial College (London), University of Bath (England), Universite Paris Dauphine. The programme is supported by the EU and the Ministry of National Education of Greece.

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Farm Business Management and Advisory Services for Rural Development

The main purpose of the program is the specialization of scientists, at postgraduate level who will promote and apply knowledge in economics and management of companies – livestock and aquaculture services (secondarily in companies – crop production services), as well as in the provision of relevant technical and economic advice and also in rural development.

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