Laboratory of Rural Economic Development

Lab Director: Kampas Athanasios - Professor

The Laboratory of Rural Economic Development has as its main purpose:

  • to cover the educational and didactic needs of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, in the field of Rural Development Economics, at undergraduate and postgraduate level and in particular in the subjects of Theory and Policy of Rural Development, Integrated Rural Development, Development and Evaluation of Development Programs, Local-Regional Development, Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment, so that its graduates respond effectively to the modern development needs of the rural area.
  • to conduct research in order to contribute to the creation of new knowledge and a modern theoretical framework and reflection, regarding the expanding needs of the ever-changing agricultural sector and the countryside in general
  • to provide technical support to institutions that implement rural development policies and programs such as Management Principles, Local Government, Development Companies, Regional Services.
  • to enhance the cooperation with research institutes or policy makers in matters that fall within the fields of activity of the Laboratory.

Laboratory Courses

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